What is creative contemporary dance?


Contemporary is a popular style of dance taught and performed all around the world. It was originally influenced by classical ballet, modern, and jazz but has since borrowed ideas from many other styles making it varied and experimental. Contemporary dance can be used to tell a story or it can be abstract and focused on different ways of moving and the human body - it is therefore a very creative art form.

Our creative contemporary dance classes will involve:

  • High energy warm-up games and activities

  • Exercises to develop your dance technique and skills

  • Learning choreography

  • Creative tasks to explore your imagination and create new dances

You will also improve your:

  • Fitness

  • Strength & flexibility

  • Balance and coordination

  • Musicality

  • Intellectual knowledge of movement, choreography and performance

  • Creativity & imagination

  • Confidence & social skills

Can I pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer?


We recommend all customers make the most of our easy online payment system which accepts all major credit/debit cards. Simply set up your Traceworks Dance account and click 'BOOK NOW' next to the class you'd like to pay for. If you are not able to access the online payment system for any reason or have any concerns, please email info@traceworks.co.uk, or call +44(0)7434784819.

My contact details have changed, how can I let you know?


Updating your details is easy, simply 'Log In' to your Traceworks Dance account (top right of the website, next to the website menu), click 'My Account' on the drop-down menu next to your name, amend your contact details in the boxes on this page and click 'Update Info' to confirm.

What should I wear to class?


Tight-fitted clothing that you are comfortable in and can move freely in - what you would normally wear for physical activities. We normally dance in bare feet.

What should I bring to class?


Arrive in your dance kit with a bottle of water and a face covering (unless exempt).

Can I still join in if I'm late?


Students are required to arrive in good time for class so they do not miss the essential warm-up. Latecomers will not be able to join in with the class until the teacher has ensured they have done an independent warm-up. This is not ideal for the student or the teacher, so please be on time!

Can I join after the term has started?


Yes, although we encourage students to join at the start of the term, it is possible to join at any point in the term - as long as there are places left. If you'd like to join after the term has started, simply enrol online (paying for the remaining classes of that term).

I need to cancel my class enrolment, can I have a refund?


Refunds will only be given in extreme circumstances that mean the student can no longer attend the term of classes that have been paid for.