Photo | Paul Seaby


"the collaborative ensemble Traceworks sets six dancers loose to the retro rhythms of the Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra"
Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

"an attractive and playful suite of six dances delivered by a spirited and engaging group of dancers"
Graham Watts, Chairman of Critics' Circle Dance Section

"hats off to Traceworks"

Donald Hutera, The Times

Syncopated, spirited and impulsive, Jazz Scene is a physical reaction to the upbeat, nostalgic accompaniment of the irresistible Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra. The dancers interweave, accent and contrast to the lively and characteristic music. 5,6,7,8... get ready for a dynamic quintet. 


Choreographed & Performed by: Julian Lewis, James Aiden Kay, Catrin Lewis, Jessica Haener, Rosa Firbank and Sabrina Gargano

Music: Twelfth Street Rag, Business in F, Black and Tan Fantasy, Teddy Bears’ Picnic, White Heat - recorded by Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra

Lighting Designer: Lucy Hansom

Premiere: The Place, London (as part of Resolution 2016) - January 2016